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Stop Wasting Your Hard Earned Marketing Dollars

7 Things That Will Make or Break Your Online Business Efforts
(DO NOT Buy SEO Services Until You Read This!)

We hear it time and again. Business owner after business owner get on the phone with us and tell their story of how they paid through the nose for an SEO Service Provider or Internet marketer and came up completely empty. They saw very little or even no results at all. And guess what? These frustrated business owners didn’t just throw a couple of bucks at the Internet and call it a day. In some cases, they literally spent tens of thousands of dollars to see no return on their investment.

But here’s another thing to consider…

This can happen with any type of advertising campaign, and it’s not just true when it comes to marketing on the Internet. Let’s take the Yellow Pages as an example. They still charge a small fortune to run a tiny ad in the phone book.

And the return on investment in most cases… Absolutely nothing!

Here’s the sad truth…

We know so many businesses (they call us all the time) that have spent thousands of dollars wishing, hoping and praying for a miracle. They paid for search engine optimization services and unfortunately, they connected with the wrong people. They didn’t even come close to reaching the first page of the search results. And that’s sad, and completely unnecessary we might add.

And then there’s the little guy that scrapes together a couple hundred dollars to pay for small search engine marketing services. You know what I’m talking about… The kind of services that basically provide no value. Some SEO companies are just out to grab a quick buck and they really do not have your best interest at heart.

Then there are the search engine services that actually do things. Blogs and websites see movement. The business sees social media activity. But in the end, even though things seem to be looking up and moving in the right direction, these services do not end up adding any revenue to the company’s bottom line. They end up being a complete waste of money. And when it comes to the Internet, there are so many ways to fail if your SEO firm doesn’t understand marketing, sales funnels, social media interaction and conversion.

This kind of thing really breaks our hearts. We hate seeing this happen to good people. Marketing – especially on the Internet – is a critical aspect of any company’s success in today’s digital world. When you have your marketing budget tied up in useless services, it can really bring your company down.

This bothers us tremendously. We hate watching good businesses – especially those that provide a valuable product or service – go by the wayside because they were duped into buying the latest and greatest new Internet marketing traffic trick that does absolutely nothing when it comes to bringing in new customers.

And what’s worse… We hate seeing good, quality companies buy SEO services from a SEO agency who, for whatever reason, can’t seem to live up to their promises because they do not understand Google, the semantic web and the future of search! It’s a whole new ballgame since the most recent Hummingbird SEO update.

And it gets even worse unfortunately…

Business owners have become so skeptical of the so-called SEO experts. Guess what? They should be skeptical! And so should you! SEO agencies are bombarding you with faxes, phone calls, emails, snail mail, direct mail and any every other way they could possibly get in contact with you. They are telling you that they have solved the problem. They have the solution to all of your troubles. They’re going to help bring your business to the top. They know how to market your business online.

But when you think about it, here’s what’s wrong with this picture…

You are seeing so many conflicting marketing messages. It’s unbelievable how often this happens. And most managers and business owners have been beat up along the way. They’ve had their asses kicked up and down the information superhighway. How about you?

There’s so much to lose and so much at stake. Your financial future. Your business. Everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. It can all disappear in the blink of an eye. We understand your pain. Never let this happen to you.

So we have to plead with you today! Please pay attention and use the information that we are about to share with you. Use it to protect your business. Use it to preserve your livelihood. Use it regardless of whether you plan to contact us today or in the future.

You are going to come across other Internet marketing companies. You are going to run into other services that will quote you prices. Use this information to figure out if they are legit. This could potentially end up saving you thousands of dollars, and even more important, it will let you know if you’ve found an SEO firm that provides valuable services, and not just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

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